Thursday, September 01, 2005

Your New Job Starts Today Day

Your New Job Starts Today Day!

Wear a pair of pants that shows off your cock. They can be a little less than formal, as long as people can make out the girth of your cock's shaft. Once your coworkers spy that special "joie de vivre" bloating in your cock's tip, they'll clue you in on which three-hole punches will get the job done right, and which ones will make your printouts look like you just pulled them out of the mouth of a feral cat.

"This is the kind of thing that you usually have to find out for yourself around here," a coworker will say. "Not to be cruel. Just a rung on the ladder we all climb here is all. But since I can see how your cock pastes itself horizontal across the right plane of your pelvis when it's flaccid, I feel like I can tell you anything. I like to let mine rest on my scrotum, so it's all wrapped in a ball down there. You'll know when I wear my tighter pants. I save them for Fridays."

Once your tour is over, settle into your desk and call your Mom. Tell her, "I made it Mama. I got me a job. You tell Papa not to worry. Yeah, my cock looks good. You are? Thanks, Mama. I wanted to make you proud of me."

Happy Your New Job Starts Today Day!