Monday, September 19, 2005

Drive A Van Full Of Cocaine Someplace Day

"Someplace" is rather vague, I suppose. You should drive the van full of cocaine to wherever the men who are paying you $300 tell you to drive it. Otherwise they'll kill you then go find anyone who knows you and kill them too. They just start killing the shit out of people when their cocaine doesn't go where they want it to go.

But if the schedule isn't too prohibitive, you and your wife could turn this into that honeymoon trip you never got to take because right after the wedding she had to head out of town with 50 balloons full of heroin in her stomach. Maybe stop off at the Alamo or the Grand Canyon? Someplace scenic. At least find yourselves a romantic bed and breakfast for a night. But make sure you stop someplace where you can park in the back or in a garage, being as the contents of your van will be worth around $2.2 million. Remember, before they kill you they make you swallow your own eyes.

Happy Drive A Van Full Of Cocaine Someplace Day!