Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Movie Cool Runnings Day

The Movie Cool Runnings Day!

Tonight, you're going to admit to once having performed oral sex on somebody simply because you found out he was one of the co-stars of the movie Cool Runnings. When you admit this, you will be drunk, as will many of your friends. Your boyfriend will not be.

"Where did you do it?" your friend Sarah will ask you.

Tell her you did it in the darkened back yard of the Los Angeles home where the party took place.

Many of your friends will say, "Cool Runnings?" They'll be seeking verification.

Say, "Cool Runnings, yes."

Daniel, your boyfriend's friend will say, "You all right with this Kevin?"

Kevin, your boyfriend, hates it when you talk about men in your past. Especially the co-star of Cool Runnings. He will get up and walk out of the bar, which is what you were hoping would happen. You had an abortion last month, which Kevin was all for, but he refuses to let you talk to him about it. Tonight when you get home, the fight you and he are going to have will finally grant you the forum to shout what you need to shout at him.

After Kevin leaves, your friend Marcy will ask, "Did you ever see him again? The co-star of Cool Runnings I mean?"

Tell her, "He called me once. But I heard that he likes to take pictures of the girls he's with, so I never called him back."

Happy The Movie Cool Runnings Day!