Thursday, October 29, 2009

Airplane Stripper Day!

You're an airplane stripper on a wealthy industrial titan's private jet and today the wealthy industrial titan seems distracted.

"Don't like what you see, Jeff?" you ask.

"Alice, how long have we known each other," Jeff says.

"Eleven days," you say.

"Eleven days," he repeats. "Then you're the only one I can trust."

He asks you to put your clothes back on and sit down next to him. Then he shows you a spreadsheet he's created listing the names of people who worked at the World Trade Center who called in sick on 9-11, and showing how many of them are descended from Masons.

"You've cracked it wide open," you say, convincingly.

"I've burned this to a disc for you to keep. If anything should happen to me, make sure this gets out."

"Of course," you say.

After the plane lands you'll tell your Plane Stripping agency you don't want to dance on Jeff's plane anymore. A few days later, Jeff will be killed by the Masons and you'll find out that he left you his entire fortune in his will, with a note that reads, "You'll need every dime of this money because you're going to be on the run for the rest of your life. GO NOW!"

You'll get on Jeff's plane, yours now, and you'll introduce yourself to the stripper already dancing for you. She'll tell you her name's Judith and you'll tell her to take a seat because the two of you have a lot of ground to cover if the truth is ever going to get out.

Happy Airplane Stripper Day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tell A Kid He Should Be Thankful For What He's Got Day!

Walking down the street today you'll see a little boy staring into the window of a toy store, pointing at a train set and crying. You'll overhear his father say, "No, it's too expensive." The little boy will say, "I hate you! I hate you!" The father will say, "I'm going over to look in that men's clothing store window. You just stay here and cry." Then the father will walk two stores down to stare into his own window.

Walk up to the boy and say, "You shouldn't say that to your Dad."

"But I want the train," the boy will say.

"Trains aren't everything," tell him.

"But I want it," the boy will say.

"You should be thankful you have a father who's willing to not buy you trains," tell him.

"Oh I'm sorry," the boy will say. "Your dad is dead?"

"No," tell him. "Or, maybe he is. He sold me. So I don't really know who he is."

"Fathers can sell their kids?" the boy will ask.

Nod yes.

The boy will run to his father, wrap his arms around his father's legs and beg him not to sell him. The father will ask who told the boy that kids can be sold and the boy will point towards you so you'd better be gone by then.

Happy Tell A Kid He Should Be Thankful For What He's Got Day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Got Bit By The Love Raccoon Day!

Cleaning out your garage last night, you disturbed a raccoon that was apparently living behind some empty paint cans. It jumped out at you, scratched at your cheeks and bit you several times on the forehead. When you came out of your garage, a woman pulled over in front of your house holding a map. She wanted directions to a local college. You fell in love with her instantly.

You got bit by The Love Raccoon.

"The what?" you'll ask your doctor.

"Love raccoon," he'll repeat. "Very dangerous and likely rabid. Their saliva makes people fall in love almost instantly. It also makes them foam at the mouth and turn extremely feverish. I'd better give you about 50 shots."

"But I've never been in love," you'll say.

"Well if I don't give you these shots you're gonna turn into a drooling mad fool."

"Is it worth it?" you'll ask.

The doctor will let his mind drift to the day he met his wife Ellen, when she stepped off of that ferry in the warm summer breeze, looking like an angel sent only to make him realize just how beautiful God's creation can be.

"Doc, is it worth it?" you'll ask.

He'll smile. "It is."

You'll shake his hand. Then you'll double over and begin throwing up.

"That's gonna last for the next week or so. Then you'll break out in hives and go blind sometimes. If your throat constricts, give someone a piece of paper telling them to call me. Now go after her!"

You'll run out of the examination room and pass out in a puddle of your own sweat on the waiting room floor.

Happy You Got Bit By The Love Raccoon Day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stumbling Into An Elementary School Cafeteria Day!

Your three-day bender is about to come to a close. All of your friends have either gotten thrown in jail, beaten up by bouncers, or they've gone sober. You're alone. You're cold. You want something to eat.

I smell...tater tots, you think.

You follow the scent to a large non-descript building that looks kind of familiar, and you shove your way through the double doors into an elementary school cafeteria.

Shit, you think. That line is huge.

The line of kids will stretch thirty lengths, but one glimpse towards the yellow-lit heat trays and you'll see crispy brown tater tots numbering in the hundreds, piled high and glistening.

You'll limp to the back of the line (you sprained your ankle crawling under a fence a day or two ago). The kids will giggle at the grown man joining them for lunchtime. You'll try to control your temper.

"He looks like somebody's dad," one kid will say and everyone will laugh.

"He's acting like my dad when he comes home from watching football," another kid will say, to less laughter.

You'll make it to the front of the line and you'll order five orders of tater tots. It will cost you $7.50. After discarding the piles of "ButtBucks" you got from a local strip club, you'll find the appropriate legal tender and pay.

"Dad?" you'll hear. You'll turn around and there will be your son, staring up at you. It's his school.

"Hey," you'll say. "Came here to...uh...have lunch with you."

Your son's face will light up. You haven't been allowed to see him until the legal proceedings were finalized and your restraint order was lifted. He considers this a special treat.

While all the other kids laugh, you and your son sit at a table by yourselves. He tells you how he's doing at school while you eat your tater tots. Only after your third tray of tots will you realize your son hasn't ordered any food.

"Eat up," you'll say, shoving one of the trays of tots in his direction. He'll smile and begin devouring the delicious potato morsels. Then you'll continue talking and laughing together until the vice principal arrives with a security guard to ask you to leave quietly.

Happy Stumbling Into An Elementary School Cafeteria Day!

Friday, October 23, 2009

You And Your Husband Want To Marry Other People Day!

You've been married for a month already and frankly, the fact that you don't have any weddings planned is making the future look less than awesome.

"Let's marry other people," your husband will say.

"That's classic!" you'll reply.

You and your husband will go out to the bars and woo prospective second spouses until you each find that extra-special second someone who won't ask too many questions. You'll drink enough to get engaged then you'll each meet your second fiance's parents and start planning the big day.

"Isn't this fun?" you'll whisper when you call your husband in the middle of the night.

"We should just keep getting married to people for the rest of our lives," he'll whisper back. "Oops, I think Cheryl's waking up! Make sure you get your ceremony videotaped. I wanna see it."

After you both get married to other people you'll break the news that you only did it for the wedding, and once everyone stops yelling at you and breaking your faces, you and your husband will reunite and tell each other all about your respective weddings.

"We had shrimp," your husband will say.

"We had a caviar station," you'll say.

Then you'll tell your husband that he needs to get a better job because you spent a good hunk of your savings on your wedding.

"My parents weren't going to pay for another one," you'll explain.

"That's fine. On your weddings days, everything should be perfect," your husband will say. Then you'll hug him and the two of you will go to the bedroom and do to each other all the stuff you each learned on your wedding nights with that bride and groom who are presently crying their eyes out someplace. You two should introduce them, maybe they'd hit it off.

Happy You And Your Husband Want To Marry Other People Day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Save Your Family Day!

Today some crazy people with guns who wear masks that don't have any eyeholes are going to come into your house and announce, "We're going to rape and kill all of you right here in the middle of dinner. It's what we do for fun. Who's first?"

Everyone in your family will say, "Aw man! I wanted to finish dinner." Then they'll accept their fates and they'll form a single file line.

Everyone except you.

"I don't think so you guys," you'll say.

The masked rapists/killers will all laugh.

"But you're only seven!"

"Yup," you'll say. "But I'm REAL unstable."

That's when you'll light the firecrackers you had been planning to shove up the cat's butt and you'll throw them at the rapists/killers who will fire their weapons in the air in the confusion.

Then you'll take the lighter fluid you had been planning to drench the dog with and you'll spray it all over the rapists/killers masks, and you'll light the masks on fire just like you had been planning to do with the dog and your sister's gerbil if you had enough lighter fluid which you probably would have.

The rapists/killers will fall to the ground trying to get their burning masks off but soon they'll all just pass out with their eyes ruined forever. Just to add insult to injury, you'll take some of the live ants you keep in your pants pocket and you'll shove them up the rapists/killers masks to feed on their charred faces.

Your family will be so happy that you saved them, then they'll be upset when they realize you've crapped on one of the rapists/killers and now you're playing with the crap, kind of exploring it with your hands and murmuring something, a little story that's playing out in your head.

Your family will forever be grateful to, and terrified of, you. You'll have your first inpatient stay at a mental hospital before you turn twelve.

Happy Save Your Family Day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's Leaving You* Day!

Your girlfriend is walking out on you today.

"I've fallen in love with something."

"Something?" you'll say.

She'll nod.

"Not a person?"

"No. God no."


She'll shake her head. "I can't. It's so..."


"New. I'm afraid of jinxing it."

You'll put your hand on hers. "I don't want you to pass up real love. No one should. If it will make you happy, you should leave me for this...soft object?"

She'll shake her head.

"Shiny item that is larger than a breadbox?"

She'll shake her head.


"God no."

"Is it a purse?"

"Look, I gotta go."

As she's leaving you'll shout at her back, "Just tell me!"

She'll slam the door behind her. Six months from now you'll see her at brunch sitting across the table from a bucket of rags, looking happier than she ever was with you.

She's Leaving You* Day!

*for a bucket of rags

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Want To Lick His Digital Watch Day!

He's got a digital watch on his wrist and you wanna know how it tastes. You've been watching him all afternoon, sitting at his desk trying to make it through this defensive driving class without falling asleep, and you can't help but stare at the jet black plastic band wrapped around his snow white wrist. You want to slip your tongue underneath that band and have him tighten it, restraining your tongue against his skin, making a permanent imprint of the little rectangles of the band on the top of your tongue, and the hairs of his wrist on the bottom of your tongue.

"Are you looking at my fucking watch Grandma?" he's shouting. You can't hear him. You're mesmerized.

"Please stop looking at his watch ma'am. You're far too old to be behaving like this," the defensive driving teacher is saying now. Not that you can hear anything but the occasional beep emitted by his watch when another quarter-hour passes.

"I think she might be touching herself," the guy behind you is saying, as if any words that came out of his mouth mattered in your universe.

"No wait. I think she's setting something on fire!" someone sitting next to you is shouting.

In the chaos of everyone running from the blaze you've set, grab your digital watch wearing Adonis and slam his head against the wall three times hard, knocking him unconscious. Then lock the door and hold him in your arms and check the time on his digital watch just before the roof caves in on top of the two of you. That is the time of your death as an unlicensed driver in love.

Happy You Want To Lick His Digital Watch Day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Commit A Felony Day!

Apologies for all those whose big bank heist or matricide was planned for today. It sucks when you have something on your schedule for weeks in advance and then something comes along at the last minute and you're forced to cancel. Unfortunately though, today's Don't Commit a Felony Day. So if you were planning to steal a car, shoot a liquor store owner in the face, or set a hospital on fire, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Please consult your local criminal code to determine what constitutes a felony in your state. Remember, anal is legal in Texas now, so you're cool.

Happy Don't Commit A Felony Day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maxed Out Credit Cards Guy Day!

Today you're maxed out credit cards guy. You're going to go from store to store, ringing up hundreds of dollars of items, then you'll hand over one of your maxed out credit cards for payment and wait for the big reveal.

"Try it again!" you'll shout.

The cashier will tell you the card is simply not being accepted. So you'll give her another.

"I'm sorry sir but that one is also being declined."

Say this is ridiculous and give her your next card, telling her, "I never use this one so it has to work."

That one won't work, as you know, and you'll give her the next one to try, which also won't work, as you know.

After she's tried all 50 of the maxed out credit cards in your wallet, sit in the middle of the floor with your head in your hands and weep. After about twenty minutes, get up and go across the street to repeat the whole process with that store's cashier.

Happy Maxed Out Credit Cards Guy Day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your Rescue From A Basement After Many Many Years, Sponsored By Wendy's Day!

Today you're going to be freed from the basement where you've been held captive for several years. The darkness and silence has turned you mad, and you'll have trouble grasping onto your sense of self. The emptiness of the basement robbed you of your ability to distinguish your own personhood from the surrounding environment, and so when people ask you questions you don't know that you're being addressed. Other people's voice are indistinguishable from your own thoughts. Physical pain inflicted on your body is understood as "the way the world is now." You have no idea that you exist.

"Bet you're ready for a tasty Baconator," a man in a suit will say as he holds a large burger covered in bacon in front of your face.

"This man is from Wendy's," the policeman will say. "They sponsored your rescue. Take a bite of that hamburger while the camera is filming you, then we'll take you to the hospital."

You'll howl wordlessly.

"Just put the Baconator in your mouth and your rape kit's paid for," the man from Wendy's will say.

You'll jerk one of your arms in the air, with no intent.

"We fought tooth and nail to win the chance to sponsor this rescue," the man from Wendy's will whisper in your ear. "The whole world's waiting to see you freed and rejoin society. Just bite into the Baconator and give a thumbs up."

You'll open your mouth to bite him in the face, but he knows how these rescues usually go down, and he'll take that split-second opportunity to shove the burger in your mouth and then work your jaw to chew.

The burger will taste delicious. This is the way the world is now. It's bacon-y.

After the man from Wendy's forces one of your thumbs into the air, you'll be rushed to the hospital where the unimaginable truth of your horrific 3-year ordeal will finally be revealed, sponsored by Wendy's.

Happy Your Rescue From A Basement After Many Many Years, Sponsored By Wendy's Day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Karate Class Day!

When you go back to pick up little Susan and Jesse from Karate class, you'll find all the kids sitting still on the mats, just as you left them. Except they'll all be looking down into their laps, the expressions on their faces far too morose for children so young.

"Where's Sensei?" you'll ask.

Susan will look up at you, her eyes puffy, and she'll shake her head slowly.

"Jesse?" you'll ask.

Jesse will get up and stand by you. "We told him not to go and confront them," he'll say. "We told him it was a fool's errand. But he refused to back down."

"You're a damn mule!" one of the other kids will shout at the sky.

"What did you have to prove? Why couldn't you have just let it go?" another little girl will shout, pounding her fist into the mat beneath her.

After some seconds of silence, Jesse will try and explain.

"It's a battle that's lasted centuries, spanning back to a cow stolen from Sensei's great great great grandfather's land in Okinawa. Two families, pitted together for life. Apparently, the descendant of one of those families opened an Arby's over in Eastville. Sensei said he had to honor the blood flowing through his veins and settle this once and for all."

"And he didn't come back," Susan said.

You take both your kids' hands and say, "I'm sure he's okay." Then you lead them out to the car, mentally calculating the number of classes you've already paid for and the refund you should be due if the Sensei died for his ancestral feud. At least around $170 for Pete's sake.

As you pull out of the parking lot you see smoke on the horizon.

"The Arbys," Susan and Jesse will sing in unison. They'll have hope in their voices. Perhaps their Sensei was triumphant after all.

Happy No Karate Class Day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Misquote That Movie "Tobey Maguire" Day!

Today you should misquote that Tom Cruise movie about the talent agent who wants to see money. So when you see someone with money, shout at them "Let me see your money!" When you love someone and you want them to know it, say to them, "I wasn't done, but thanks to you, I'm all set. Ding!" And if you just want someone to shut up, say, "I was sick of you when we first met." Finally, when you want someone to help you help them, say, "Hey, you need help. I need help. Let's go find someone to help us, but let's carpool." Jonathan Kenicky is still alive, BTW.

Happy Misquote That Movie "Tobey Maguire" Day!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Grocery Shopping All By Your Lonesome Day!

Get past the pears with your eyes closed. She liked pears. Ate one every day.

She hated cereal and she hated the sound of you eating it. Now when you eat it, it's deafening. You can see what she meant. Skip the cereal and switch to toast.

Don't buy any milk. Milk was her thing. In her coffee. You don't need it anymore. Before she moved in the only milk you ever had in your fridge was sour. You'd buy it and forget you had it until it started to stink. You have to prove that her leaving won't make your fridge stink. If she wanted to go, fine. She'd better not think that now that she's gone your fridge is going to stink again, because it's not. Your fridge will smell just fine.

No eggs either. Long story. Long funny story. You two laughed like idiots that morning.

You're out of light bulbs which is fine because two are burned out and you'd like to wait for the other two to go so that you won't have to see your life without her. You're out of paper towels but it doesn't matter because cleaning up will only get rid of the evidence that she was a part of your life and you want to hang onto every speck of her dirt and dust. You're out of salt.

You actually ran out of salt. The tub with the girl with the umbrella that you bought ten years ago, the one that survived two moves, is empty. Is that why she left? When the salt runs out, it's time to reevaluate things, see where you're at, whether you should stay or go to grad school in Richmond.

"You can cut in front of me," the woman with two carts full of meats and cookies says. "If all you have is that one microwave burrito and those three six packs of Magic Hat."

Happy Grocery Shopping All By Your Lonesome Day!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Your Video Masturbation Subscription List Is Bored Day!

Back in '67 you started a subscription-based club for people who wanted to receive a drawing of you masturbating once every month. You promised that the drawing was a true representation of one of your masturbation sessions that took place during the month prior (or an amalgam of several, if you felt there was too much going on that month to limit it to one position/setting).

In the 1980's, with the rise of the VCR, your subscribers demanded videotape and you conceded. You saw a big dropoff in subscriptions since you were pushing 40 by that time and the camera doesn't lie.

Now with the rise of the internet, you distribute your videos online. You still stick to the once a month schedule, but that doesn't make it easier on you. Since you're in your sixties now, you often have to schedule several shoot days before you finally get a take that doesn't end with you letting go of your flacid member and throwing your hands up, saying into the camera, "Maybe next time."

Your subscriber base (now down to just four people, one of them being your ex-wife (long story)) have been complaining that they've been seeing the same man masturbate for decades now and they feel like they should know more about him. So today you're going to tape yourself masturbating with one hand while showing off your baseball card collection with the other.

You won't get too in depth about the collection, since you really need to concentrate to masturbate. You're just going to flip the pages of your card binder, then wave your hand a little, as if you were a game show girl showing off the next prize. You hope that shuts everyone up, because you really don't want to have to masturbate while telling the camera about the first time you saw a dead body when you were seven.

Happy Your Video Masturbation Subscription List Is Bored Day!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

He Controls The Rain Day!

"I control the rain," he said.

You had no reason not to believe him.

"So when you're on an elevator and someone asks if you ordered all this rain you say yes?"

"I try to keep it a secret in order to keep from being abducted by governments."

You were smitten.

"He controls the rain," you said.

"What's that pay?" your Dad asked.

You forwarded this question to him.

"It pays nothing. It's simply a power with which I have been cursed. Every once in a while I must keep the water levels at a manageable mark and so I have no choice but to ruin people's hair and outfits," he said.

"I like the rain," your Dad said. "So you have my blessing. Tell him he kind of overdid this year though. Except for in the southwest."

"Oh I don't control the rain in the Southwest region. That's this guy Max's turf. I'm strictly mid-Atlantic," he says. But you already knew that.

"So we can get married?" he asks.

You nod and cry. He touches one of your tears.

"I wish I could control the rain that falls from your eyes," he says. "I would institute of a drought that would last for decades."

You almost tell him that Max, the guy who controls the Southwest rainfall and who you actually dated for a while, was able to keep you from crying for months on end. He used kindness. But you don't want him to be threatened.

"Can you make it sunny on our wedding day?" you ask.

He tells you not to ask him about work, then you kiss, even though you didn't like his answer.

Happy He Controls The Rain Day!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Too High To Play Lotto Day!

You only had one thing on your to-do list today but you got too high to do it. You were going to play your Mom's lotto numbers then bring the tickets over to her house, but you started panicking that since the lotto is run by the government you'd be added to some kind of list for special observation and eventually, when the other shoe falls, you'd be shipped off to help build the undersea cities once the solid ground becomes uninhabitable. Anyway, your Mom's numbers will come up today and she would have won 5200 dollars had you not gotten too high to play them. She won't say anything about it though. Since you didn't give her her tickets, she'll know you either forgot or "those cigarettes" got in your way again. Your visits are important to her and she doesn't want to spend them fighting over money.

Happy Too High To Play Lotto Day!