Monday, September 12, 2005

No Giving Up Day

No Giving Up Day!

When you send out the updated list of office practices and regulations, your staff will be startled to find there in the middle of the list, just below, "No jeans or flip flops" and above, "No mugs with 'slogans' other than our company logo and slogan,'" you've added:

No Giving Up On Your Dreams And Settling For Your Current Job Because It's Convenient To Do So

It's going to make a few on your staff chuckle, while a few others will weep at their desks. By lunchtime, three of your junior level employees will be gone, with notes on their desks that read, "Left for band practice. Be in early tomorrow." They're all musicians and after reading your updated list of office practices and regulations will have agreed to form a band together.

At four today, Mary will resign. "Thanks for the updated list of office practices and regulations," she'll say. "I'm going to go back and get my masters in archeology."

You won't have time to wish her well before the screams out on the floor send you running to see what's happened. It will be Marcus, the accounts payable clerk who graduated law school but never passed the bar. He'll have jumped.

Happy No Giving Up Day!