Friday, September 02, 2005

Say Goodbye To Your New Daddy Day

Say Goodbye To Your New Daddy Day!

Tonight's the night. You're old Dad said so. He came by the playground the other day, first time you saw him in seven months. He asked how you liked living in your big new house. You told him the truth. That the house is nice, but that you miss living with him. And that Mommy's always telling you to be nice to your new Daddy, but you don't like your new Daddy and you don't think that he likes you.

"After 8:30, he won't let me come into the TV room," you said. "Even if I've done my homework. He doesn't like me playing in there when he's watching TV."

Your old Daddy told you three things before he told you he loves you with all of his heart. He told you not to tell anyone you saw him. He told you you're not going to have to worry about your new Daddy anymore. And he told you, "On Friday night after dinner, go to your room. No matter what you hear downstairs, don't come out until I come in and get you."

Your old Daddy's going to come and get you tonight. And mommy too. You think. Though he never said.

Happy Say Goodbye To Your New Daddy Day!