Friday, September 23, 2005

Everyone Is Dancing To The Same Song Day

Everyone Is Dancing To The Same Song Day!

Sarah will be crying into your armpit. You won't know why. Sarah drinks a lot and she sometimes finds herself on a dance floor crying into the armpit of a close friend she's never slept with. You'd like to sleep with Sarah. You'll hope that she cries so vociferously that you will be enlisted to take her up to her hotel room and when you try to put her to bed she'll start kissing you. You'd tell her that she's drunk and she should go to bed. But she'd insist that she's not drunk and that she's wanted to be closer to you for the longest time. You'd apologize and tell her that as much as you'd like to, you're certain she'd be regretful in the morning. She wouldn't let you go. She'd tell you that she promises that this has been on her mind ever since you and she had dinner in Chinatown alone together the night after Thanksgiving. "If I'm drunk," she'd say, "Good. It's giving me the guts to say what I really feel." She'd kiss you once more, her hand held firm around the back of your head, and she'd pull you down into the bed on top of her.

"Sarah?" It will be Meg, Sarah's best friend, the one who always comes and finds her when she's crying into the armpit of someone she hasn't slept with.

"Come on," Meg will say and she'll pull her from your armpit and across the dance floor to the bathroom.

The next morning, if you had slept with Sarah, she'd wake up and take a gulp of breath when she saw you there. Then she'd start to laugh.

"It really happened," she'd say.

You'd say, "Now what?"

With a big giddy smile on her face, Sarah would say, "Get out!" Then she'd grab you around the neck and pull you into a kiss. You'd hold her naked body in the daytime for the first time.

You'd pull away and say, "We don't have to make this anything it isn't."

Sarah would smile and say, "We're not." Then she'd kiss you some more.

At the bar, you'll watch everyone on the dance floor. You'll know every single face out there. They'll all be beautiful and lit red and blue with gels. With vodka in your tissue, you'll be glad to have been sent from the dance floor. You'll look to the ladies room to see if Sarah's come out yet. Then you'll beam out at everyone but you on the dance floor again, glad to be watching them all, remembering it all for them.

Happy Everyone Is Dancing To The Same Song Day!