Monday, September 08, 2014

For Love Day!

“She’s worried about me,” you tell your coach. “I have to quit the team.”

Your coach tells you that in all the years he’s coached high school football, he’s never seen a quarterback like you.

“But I’ve also never seen another girl like Marie,” he adds.

Marie was your coach’s high school girlfriend. She also wanted him to quit the team, but he loved the game too much.

“I thought if she really loved me she’d let me do what I’m good at,” the coach says. “So I gave her up for the game. Now I realize that life is finite, and if you get your arms around love, you hug it to your chest and run it to the endzone.”

“The endzone is death right?” you ask. “Like, hang onto love until the end.”

“Bingo,” your coach says. “This game sucks and is stupid. Your love for that girl is rare and to be treasured. If you don’t quit this team, I’ll reveal some grading scandals involving players coasting by without learning how to read just so the entire team will be dissolved at this school to make sure you don’t have a team to play on.”

Since you’re one of the players who doesn’t know how to read, the embarrassment of that being all over the papers is just another reason to quit the team and be with your girlfriend.

“Thanks, Coach,” you say.

“SHUT UP AND LOVE!!!” your football coach screams in your face.

Happy For Love Day!