Monday, September 26, 2005

Site Visit Day

Site Visit Day!

Today you have to perform a site visit at the Cleveland office. Karl, the systems analyst you were cheating on your husband with has been working out of the Cleveland office for the past four months. When management discovered your relationship with Karl, several options were offered for how the situation should be dealt with. Karl had already been pushing for the transfer to Cleveland, so when it was offered as one of the options he was actually excited. Having an embarrassing office affair with you proved to be just the nudge that was needed to cut through the red tape.

Tonight, you're going to sleep with Karl again because you just haven't found anyone else to cheat on your husband with. It will be just like old times for you. And Karl will be on cloud nine since he'll have been very lonely since his move. He'll tell you that he didn't think he'd miss you when he left.

You'll explain to Karl that you love your husband and this is just a fling. But it will be too late. He'll already be on his way down a path to madness. You're going to have to learn how to use a handgun so that you can shoot Karl dead when he breaks into your house to kill your husband in a few weeks.

Happy Site Visit Day!