Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blood In Your Hair Day

Blood In Your Hair Day!

Today, you'll feel fine, but you'll discover that a patch of your hair on the top of your head is caked with fresh blood. Trouble is, when you discover the blood you'll be sitting in a reception area waiting to begin your third interview for a job you're dying to get. You'll have already poked and tapped your head and you won't have found a wound, or even a sore point. And you won't have time to run to the bathroom to inspect yourself further because just a moment after finding your fingertips wet with bright red blood, the acting manager of the firm will come out to lead you into his office for your interview. You'll have to wipe the blood from your hand onto the black waiting room chair in order to shake his hand. And then you'll conduct yourself swimmingly throughout a 70 minute interview, all the while with fresh blood matting your hair to your skull.

Happy Blood In Your Hair Day!