Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Behind The Picket Fence Day

Behind The Picket Fence Day!

Today, when you dare to discover what lurks behind the picket fence, in addition to a disembodied ear covered in ants, you will find the following:

a) a fat kid covered in chocolate holding a sling shot

b) a small dragon

c) an asian gang in its entirety


e) squirrels

f) raccoons

g) MILFs

h) innocence (not yours)

i) jodhpurs (yours)

j) a guy in a mask with a knife, waiting

k) the baseball mitt your dad gave you, the only thing he gave you before he ran off

l) heartache, nothing but heartache

ANSWER: A, C, and K. And L. Oh, and G. awwww yeah!

Happy Behind The Picket Fence Day!