Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Give Your Lover A Trophy Day

Give Your Lover A Trophy Day!

The most important thing is the design. This should really say something special about what sets your Lover apart from all of the other lovers who've made your life such a wondrous playground of ass.

For example, let's say your lover has really strong arms and lots and lots of money. The trophy should feature a muscle-toned Adonis carrying two sacks with dollar signs on them. You should be curled up at his feet with one arm clawing up his leg as if you were a wild animal that needs to be fed or you won't be able to control yourself. The Adonis should have a bulge in his jogging shorts.

OR! Let's say your lover is the most beautiful neurosurgeon in medicine and she can't have an orgasm without punching you in the glasses and she's wheelchair-bound. First, the wheelchair should have wings on the back and it should be tilted up from the base of the trophy as if it's about to launch into the sky. Next, the woman in the wheelchair should be dressed in a bikini bottom (tasteful!) but no top (electric!) and she should be holding a human head in one hand and a power drill in the other (ew!). Finally, she should have a little pet dinosaur frolicking nearby.

OR MAYBE! If your lover is someone famous like Dabney Coleman or Michael Jackson, the trophy should feature just a big star with the words "You're A Famous Star And It's Why I'm Attracted To You, Sexy" etched into it.

The ceremony should be special, but not overdone. No one likes a big hoo-hah. Just a few hundred colleagues and a mermaid statue that queefs Veuve Clicquot. You might not be able to go since your lover is going to want to bring his or her mother to the ceremony because your lover is queer (surprise!).

Happy Give Your Lover A Trophy Day!