Thursday, April 05, 2012

You’re One Of Those Ghosts Who Lives In Someone’s TV Day!

When you live in a person’s TV, occasionally popping out to haunt but mostly just hanging around inside the TV, you have to pick a channel to live on. You picked A&E when you arrived in the TV three years ago, and you’re kind of bummed because you have to watch A&E all the time, it’s all over the place, and unfortunately A&E just can’t quite settle on an entertaining, cohesive lineup. When you live on a channel you can never not be viewing that channel, even when you’re asleep, so you’re sick of waiting for A&E to commit to an identity and you want to switch channels. You put in for a transfer.

“We don’t take these requests lightly,” the administrator of channel assignments will shriek when you meet with him today for an interview. “We can’t have ghosts switching channel spaces all the time. You sure you want to leave A&E?”

Shriek, “Yes.”

The administrator will glare at his assignment sheet.

“ESPN?” he’ll shriek. “Sports?”

Shriek, “I’ve always wanted to get interested in sports.”

The administrator will maul your shoulder.

“Hope this one works out,” he’ll shriek.

Go home and move your stuff from A&E to ESPN. There’s some running happening at ESPN. Good luck haunting a new channel.

You’re One Of Those Ghosts Who Lives In Someone’s TV Day!