Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You’re Henry And You Wax Straight Guys’ Balls Day!

You’re trying to get your own business going and you figured, what’s real big right now? Manscaping, right? Guys shaving their balls so the ladies don’t have to see nothing wild and dirty when they go down yonder. Now the ladies, they been doing it for a while now, and they have professionals wax their stuff off for em. So you figured, why can’t we have that kinda thing for guys? So you opened up “Henry’s Ball Waxers” advertising skilled and careful waxing of balls for straight men only. “So It’s Not A Gay Thing” it says on your sign.

You’ve had a few guys call up and ask you what the process is like. You’ll start to explain that first they undress, then you come in and slather warm wax onto their balls, and that’s when they hang up. You’re hoping they just realized that your answer was pretty much what they assumed so they didn’t need to hear the rest, but so far no one’s come in yet.

Today to ease people’s worries, you posted a video demonstration of you waxing someone’s balls. You hired a male model off of Craigslist and videotaped yourself waxing his scrotum and pelvis, moving his penis around with your hand while you applied the wax and then pulled it off to reveal his clean, bare genitals. The model unfortunately became aroused during taping, but you were fine with that. You just looked into the camera and said, “Hey it’s okay if this happens. Because this isn’t a gay thing! And look, the penis is easier for me to move around this way because it’s not so floppy.” So far the video has gotten 30,000 views and has been reposted to a lot of male-oriented websites so you think this should do the trick.

Happy You’re Henry And You Wax Straight Guys’ Balls Day!