Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beer Commercial For The Sad Day!

They love your pitch for the beer commercial where the guy is trying to drink his beer but he’s crying too hard so he says to himself, “Get it together Kevin.” Then he takes some deep, pained breaths, and finally manages to stop crying long enough to take a sip, but he’s cried into his beer so much that it tastes salty, so he throws the bottle across the room and it shatters all over a photograph of a dog. He picks up the photograph, bleeding now from having touched the shattered glass, the blood mixed with the beer, and he whispers, “Here’s to you Caspar. You were a heck of a pal.” From his fingertip he licks a drop of the mixture of blood, beer and tears and finally, his grief is sated.

“We love it,” the account reps say. “Now which Black Keys song do you want to use for the music?”

Happy Beer Commercial For The Sad Day!