Monday, April 02, 2012

Your Tanning Consultant Fell In Love With Your Stubbler Day!

You’re super-loaded and one problem with being super-loaded is when people on your staff show up in your study and remind you that they’re human and they have hearts and humans with hearts sometimes fall in love with each other.

“But I have rules about this,” tell them. “I can’t have two people in love working here. You’ll get distracted.”

Your tanning consultant will say that he would never let a thing like love come between him and giving you the right shade.

Your stubbler will add that there’s absolutely nothing she cares about more than maintaining your face stubble.

“Except for Alan,” tell her.

Alan’s your tanning consultant. Just saying his name will make her blush.

“I’m sorry,” say to them. “One of you has to quit.”

Your tanning consultant and your stubbler will tell you that neither of them can make the other quit, so they’re both going to quit.

They passed.

“I wanted to be sure your love is real. If one of you could live with the other quitting, it wouldn’t have been meant to be. You can both stay. I’ll only allow people who are truly in love to work on my staff.”

They’ll hug each other, and then they’ll hug you. Order them to have sex in front of you now or you’ll dock their pay. Staff members in love have the best sex.

Happy Your Tanning Consultant Fell In Love With Your Stubbler Day!