Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Hug Buddy Wants To Go A Little Further Day!

You and your friend Laura are Hug Buddies. It’s like fuck buddies, except you don’t have intercourse. Occasionally when you’re lonely you call each other up and say, “Wanna hug for a while? No strings attached.” Then you meet up and hug for a few hours but you never go any further and you both agree it means nothing.

Today mid-hug Laura’s going to decide she wants to go a little further.

“Tit-fuck me,” Laura’s going to say.

“But I thought we were just Hug Buddies,” tell her. “That sounds like something people in a relationship might do, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

Laura will argue that it doesn’t have to mean anything serious. “It’s just two friends hanging out with the one friend’s dick in between the other friend’s tits. Love has nothing to do with it.”

You and Laura shake on it and then Laura will take off her shirt and bra and you’ll tit-fuck until you climax on her chest.

“See,” Laura will say. “No big deal! Why are you crying?”

Tell Laura you started to feel something after the thirtieth rub of your dick against her cleavage.

“We shouldn’t have let my dick get so close to your heart!” tell her. “Now I’m falling for you!”

Tell her you’re crying because now that you have feelings for her, you not only lost a Tit-Fuck Buddy, but you lost that Hug Buddy you so enjoyed. Both of them were murdered by the half-naked gooey-chested girl you just fell in love with.

Happy Your Hug Buddy Wants To Go A Little Further Day!