Monday, April 23, 2012

Oops All Alone Now Day!

7:43 am - Jeffrey Bixby walks with Heather Moran down a lovely street in Chicago when Heather leans over for a kiss not noticing the manhole underneath her next step leaving Jeffrey oops all alone now

9:20 am - Pamela Oliver jogs alongside her dog Jamiroquai three blocks from her home in Memphis, TN when Jamiroquai starts barking at a squirrel dragging Pamela into the street just as a piano truck turns the corner leaving Jamiroquai oops all alone now

12:41 pm - Tracy Mets is sitting at home with her father who recently had stents put in his heart. Taking care of her father is the first thing Tracy has done in her life that’s made her feel like her existence is making a difference somehow. When her father gets up to go to the bathroom, Tracy asks if he needs help. He says nope, goes inside the bathroom and catches sight of himself in the mirror, so he blows himself a kiss with the last gust of air he’ll ever expel, and he falls on the floor of the bathroom with a thump that tells Tracy she’s oops all alone now

4:10 pm - One fish is named Lou and the other fish is named Dobbs and Dobbs just stopped swimming and started floating so guess what Lou you’re oops all alone now

6:12 pm - Jennifer Tisch has a gun pointed at her head by her ex-boyfriend Max. “You weren’t good to me but you were the only one I’ve ever wanted,” Max tells Jennifer. “I can’t just go on like this if you won’t let me have you.” Jennifer begs Max to think this through and Max thinks it through for a sec then pulls the gun away from Jennifer and fires into his own head leaving Jennifer oops hooray all alone now

Happy Oops All Alone Now Day!