Saturday, November 26, 2005

You Agreed To Help Your Dad Serenade Your Mom Day

You Agreed To Help Your Dad Serenade Your Mom Day!

Your Mom kicked your Dad out of the house when you were fifteen. She kicked him out for drinking too much. Not long after the split, your mom got herself a real good job and you and her got along just fine.

But you always wondered whether she could have given him a few more chances. You're living on your own now and you've got a pretty good job yourself, and when you see your Dad around town you can't help but invite him back to your apartment for dinner. It's nice to have him around. He's not so much your Dad anymore as he is a guy who's just kind of lonely and down on his luck a little. He works though, and he won't take any money from you. Just food and booze.

About a week ago, your Dad told you he had an idea to win your mom back. Your mom is dating a salesman that you know she isn't too excited about. And you do see her face turn soft whenever someone starts to tell a story about your Dad. So when he talked about the serenade, you gave it some thought.

"Nothing turns a woman on like a man who risks getting arrested for trespassing just so he could sing a pretty song to a lady," he said. You couldn't argue. He was drunk, sure, but you had never seen him so animated. The little kid in you sure was excited to see your Dad finally decide to take a stand and reclaim the woman who was his.

Tonight's the night. You agreed to play guitar for him. You'll get there at eleven on the dot, right on time. But after waiting for around a half hour, it will be clear your Dad's not going to show. You'll go inside your Mom's house and crash in your old room. You do that sometimes when you're closer to her place than yours. In the morning she'll make you breakfast and you won't mention your Dad.

A couple of weeks from now, your Dad will knock on your door at dinnertime. You'll make him a meal and ask him where he was the night of the serenade. You'll ask him what kept him from winning back his bride. He'll pretend to not know what you're talking about.

Happy You Agreed To Help Your Dad Serenade Your Mom Day!