Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shoot The Man In The Moon Day

Shoot The Man In The Moon Day!

Maybe your Dad was planning on using it to fend off the police when he realized they were coming for him. All you know is they took him off to jail before he could lock it back up in its case. You only came up to the walk-in closet because you like to go in and sit there for a couple of hours at a time when you get nervous and aren't sure why. As soon as you walked in you saw the padlock released and dangling from the latch of the box. You lifted the lid and there was the handgun, resting out of place as if he had taken it from the box but dropped it back in. Maybe the police got into the room before he was able to load it.

You check and it is loaded. Who knows? Maybe he changed his mind and came out with his hands up.

Your Mom is at the police station and she said she'll wait there all night. She didn't make any plans for your supervision. You're eleven now, but this is the first time that you've been left to spend the entire night in the house completely alone. Take the handgun from its case, go up to the roof and shoot the man in the moon.

This might be the only chance you'll have to use his handgun. When he gets back, he's sure to lock it up again. And since you were seven you've been dying to find out what the man in the moon will do if he gets hurt. You always thought you'd have to wait for a space shuttle to crash into it. But maybe not.

Just climb out on the roof late tonight, aim the gun at his splotchy gray face, and fire once. Then wait a while. It can take a long time for a bullet to travel that far into space. Maybe even all night long. Just lay on the roof and watch the moon for an expression of sharp pain or anguish. Or maybe just a small twitch. If you don't see any change, you either missed, or the bullet didn't get there in time to beat the sunrise. Shoot again tomorrow night, but earlier. And make sure to only shoot one time every night. Shoot more than once and the police will come and get you just like they got your Dad.

Happy Shoot The Man In The Moon Day!