Thursday, November 03, 2005

Caramel Paul Day

Caramel Paul Day!

Caramel Paul is this big fat kid who loves caramel and you. Today, Caramel Paul is going to offer you some caramel.

"No one's been nice to me at this school because everyone thinks I killed my Mom and Dad," you'll say.

Caramel Paul will watch you eat the caramel he gave you and it will make him hungry for some caramel. So he'll sit down next to you and eat some caramel.

"I didn't, you know," you'll say. "They killed themselves. I woke up and they were in their bed with their wrists cut. Kids don't grasp specifics though I guess."

Caramel Paul will unwrap some more caramel and eat it. He won't offer you any more.

"I miss them still. They were so unhappy and I know they're at peace now, but I wish they hadn't gone away."

Caramel Paul will get up and walk away.

"Where are you going?" you'll ask.

Caramel Paul will say, "I'm out of caramel. I usually don't run out, but I gave you some. Now I have to go get some more."

You'll say bye. Caramel Paul will start to run to get to the store that sells his caramel. Today, he will have discovered that he loves you slightly less than he loves caramel.

Happy Caramel Paul Day!