Sunday, November 20, 2005

Don't Buy The Baby Shoe Day

Don't Buy The Baby Shoe Day!

Today you will pass an indigent man selling a variety of what are apparently found and stolen objects spread on display across a woolen blanket. He probably uses the blanket to sleep underneath at night. Stop at the blanket and point at the baby shoes. Say, "I like those baby shoes. Would you break up the set and only sell me the left one?"

The man will laugh and say, "What do you need just one baby shoe for?"

Tell him that you have a baby who has only one leg.

The man will laugh harder. "Who ever heard of a one-legged baby?"

Tell him, "My daughter has already been through a great deal of pain. May I buy the baby shoe?"

He'll tell you that he can't break up the pair. Go home to your one-legged daughter and tell her that you love her, but her having been born with only one leg is putting a terrible strain on you. But reiterate that you love her and will continue to do so, but you can't help but resent God sometimes. Your daughter is one so she doesn't understand English yet.

Happy Don't Buy The Baby Shoe Day!