Sunday, November 06, 2005

Get Chased Across Some Rooftops Day

Get Chased Across Some Rooftops Day!

When you wake up this morning, you'll walk out of the bedroom and you'll see the woman who brought you home last night hanging up her telephone. You'll ask her what's for breakfast, and the smile that bursts out on her face will give you pause. Nothing about your time with her has suggested that she was capable of smiling before her fifth drink's inside of her. She'll turn over the newspaper on her kitchen table, and then she'll get up and offer to whip up some eggs. As you'd expect, she'll open her refrigerator door on a whole lot of empty white nothing, and you'll flip the newspaper again and see your big stupid face blaring from the cover. You'll hear sirens approaching.

Once you get your pants on and out into the hallway, cursing yourself for going weak in a bar and letting someone take you home, you'll peer over the banister and spy the flat hats of policemen making their way upstairs. The only way to go for you is up.

And out onto the rooftop where you'll have a full block to be chased from roof to roof. The upraised barriers of the roofs will serve as hurdles and some of the policemen will tumble in the chase, but the most agile, and especially the plain-clothes detectives, will continue closing in. The horizon at the end of the rooftops will get closer and closer almost as fast as the cops behind you narrowing your lead. At the end of the block, you'll have one of three choices:

One: You can jump. Perhaps onto a lower roof or through a series of canopies, each breaking your fall a little bit more until it's safe for you to land in a bin a lettuce.

Two: You can stop and turn around, promising that if the cops come any closer you'll leap to your death on the street below and they'll never know who you were working with. They'll put their guns away, but you'll be shot immediately after. Everyone will spy a man with a rifle on the rooftop of a building across an intersection running into the entranceway of that building, forcing the cops to double back and try to beat him to the street.

Three: You can grab onto a rope ladder lowered from a descending helicopter. A gunman will lay down some covering fire to drop the cops to the rooftop while the chopper carries you away to the mountainside lair of whomever you're working for.

I'd choose three, so that this thing can prove to be far bigger than anyone might have guessed. It's always better when things are far bigger than anyone might have guessed.

Happy Get Chased Across Some Rooftops Day!