Friday, October 21, 2005

Watch A Man Finish His Last Cup Of Coffee And His Last Cigarette Day

Watch A Man Finish His Last Cup Of Coffee And His Last Cigarette Day!

Today, you'll be a little bit early to work, so you'll walk at a bit more leisurely of a pace. You'll look up at the buildings around you and you'll realize so much of your day just breezes by you without you noticing. The architecture of all the buildings, the signs on the storefronts, so many of them handwritten and misspelled. And all the people. Before you've even made it to work they look like they're already on a midday break, eating meals on the sidewalk and smoking cigarettes without any jackets on.

When a truck backs up into a garage, you'll be forced to stop walking and you'll look up at the building across the street. In one of the fourth floor windows you'll find a thin black man leaning on the windowsill, one of his hands hanging over the edge with a cigarette, the other inside the window lifting a coffee cup to his lips.

When the sidewalk is clear, you won't start moving again. You'll be too busy guessing at the context of that fourth floor window. You'll guess that he's in a stairwell, since even in those industrial buildings you have to head out to the stairwell to smoke anymore. You'll guess that this isn't a break for him. That he's not started his day yet and this is his first of many coffees and his last of a few cigarettes for the morning. You'll guess that he works at a job that's semi-administrative and semi-manual labor, like a mail processing center.

You'll watch the man tip the coffee cup all the way back to drain its contents, and he'll take one more drag of his cigarette, stub it out, then toss it to the middle of the street below. Then the man will climb onto the windowsill and he'll pitch himself through the window then tumble in the air to the sidewalk below. No one will scream for as much as ten seconds after he lands. The blood will start to flow out of his head after eight seconds. Only after the screaming begins and the crowd circles around him will you be aware that the man who was smoking in that window just jumped to the sidewalk to die. He didn't make a big deal about it is why you didn't notice right away.

Once you realize the man has just killed himself, you'll reevaluate the context of his moment by the window. He was on break, you'll decide. His day started as much as five hours ago. That was his last cup from thousands of gallons of coffee, and that was his last of thousands upon thousands of cigarettes. He definitely works in mail processing, and he really liked that coffee he was drinking. It was the coffee that he bought every day and that he loved. You'll wonder where he used to buy it.

Happy Watch A Man Finish His Last Cup Of Coffee And His Last Cigarette Day!