Sunday, October 02, 2005

Eat The End Of Your Family Line Day

Eat The End Of Your Family Line Day!

Your only son is dead and you and your wife are beyond childbearing years. You could adopt, sure, but an adopted child would not carry on your bloodline. It has been an American tradition since 1989 that should parents outlive the son who would be the last hope of carrying on their family name and bloodline, those parents must eat the body of their child. You may prepare his body any way you wish.

"Even on one of those sizzling plates that makes everyone else in the restaurant envy you with all the heart they have left inside of them when they hear it being carried to your table?" you'll ask.

The answer is yes.

"Will this make us miss our son any less?" you'll ask. "The pain is unbearable."

Rather than provide an answer to that, Girls Are Pretty turn and walk in the opposite direction, very slowly.

Happy Eat The End Of Your Family Line Day!