Friday, October 28, 2005

Discover One Of Life's Little Truths Day

Discover One Of Life's Little Truths Day!

Today you're going to find that when someone decides to walk away, no matter how hard you cry or how loud you scream for them to stay, they keep on walking away. You might figure this out in one of several ways. Maybe it'll be that your boyfriend of three years will shake you awake to see that he's wearing his coat and holding a small suitcase in one hand and his Vornado fan in the other. Or you could be a refugee from a war-torn land when the UN Peacekeepers who have been keeping armies away from your camp just start packing up and climbing into the back of their trucks. Or maybe you'll be at the Cheesecake Factory later today intending to spend your last seventeen dollars on something delicious. So you'll order the Fat Pig's Big Fat Plate of Chicken and Potatoes and the waitress will start to walk away and as you watch her take your order to the kitchen you realize you've made a horrible mistake and the last meal that you can ever foresee being able to afford is going to be just another disappointment. You'll pound on the table and make your waterglass tumble to the floor and you'll scream until your lungs bleed all about how much harder life has been for you than it has been for others. But the waitress at the Cheesecake Factory is just like an army of UN Peacekeepers or a boyfriend who's decided there's something better waiting for him somewhere. Once they decide to go, they're gone.

Happy Discover One Of Life's Little Truths Day!