Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Give Her Back Her Secret Admirer Letter Day

Give Her Back Her Secret Admirer Letter Day!

She'll gasp when she sees you pull it from your jacket pocket. Hold it out to her and say, "I knew this was you the minute I started reading it."

She'll blush and tell you that she was just writing what she felt for you.

Say, "I'm good at matching up handwriting to people. I know people pretty well. And I am a pretty visual thinker."

She'll ask you what you thought of the letter.

Say, "When I realized it was a secret admirer letter, I was like, I bet I can tell who wrote this within the first paragraph. And I was right! Before I even got two sentences in I thought, Mary totally wrote this."

She'll tell you that everything in there was true. That she just opened up her heart and let it flow out to you.

"That's probably why I had such an easy time guessing," say. "Man, I should be a detective or something."

She'll ask how you feel about all of this.

"Proud," tell her. "Proud of my abilities. It says something that I can grasp people's personalities so well that I can see their personalities expressed in their script."

She'll be about ready to burst now. "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" she'll blurt out.

Say, "Sure, you're pretty. Now let me show you how that lilt you have to your voice makes itself known in the loops of your H's."

Then open up the letter and show her the loops of her H's.

Happy Give Her Back Her Secret Admirer Letter Day!