Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dance For Her Day

Dance For Her Day!

She's given you six beautiful girls and she's made you a wonderful home in which to raise them. Show her how much you appreciate her for the sacrifices, the patience, the love and the unqualified devotion. Dance for her. To "Plush" by STP.

Make sure you wear sunglasses and that you do it in the middle of the restaurant where you met 41 years ago tonight. Be very suggestive in your choreography. If a dance move doesn't make clear that your bod is hers for the groping, cut the move. And don't forget a theme. Like "I'm a bad girl playing Twister." That's a good theme for a retired prized litigator like yourself.

Your heart is weak so of course you might pass during the performance, God willing. If you die in the middle of your dance, it will only bring home just how devoted to the craft you are, even though you've never danced before. Not even at weddings.

Happy Dance For Her Day!