Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Sk8r Boy Who Can Help You Day

The Sk8r Boy Who Can Help You Day!

The wise sk8r boy, Seth, the sk8r boy who is just a year and four months older, and a whole five inches taller than the rest of the sk8r boys, is the sk8r boy who can help you.

Seth sits on the wall more than he skates. He's not the best. His height is a disadvantage. But the rest of the sk8r boys look as if they're skating for him. When they come to stop on the lip, they look to Seth, trying not to beam. Seth usually sits next to his girlfriend, Mad. And the two of them are flanked by pairs and fours of sk8er boys at a time. They send their conversations back and forth past Seth, inviting him to comment whenever he wishes. Seth's going to college. Everyone knows that. Probably to study English or History. Everyone knows.

Seth is the sk8r boy who can help you.

"Hi Seth," say.

Seth will say, "Hey [YOUR NAME]." Seth remembers everyone's name.

"I have a problem," tell him.

Seth will look to his right and left and the sk8r boys flanking him will drop to their boards and disappear in the noise of a grind.

Sit by Seth's side and talk to him while he looks straight ahead.

Say to Seth, "Me and Patty are having trouble. She wants to break up because I'm spending too much time by my Mom's deathbed."

"What's your Mom dying of?" Seth will ask you.

Say, "Skin cancer. The doctor says it's spreading too fast."

Seth will reach into his bag, digging underneath sweatsocks and CDs and a sandwich and old tattered paperback novels and he'll pull out a vial of brown liquid.

"Give this to your Mom," he'll say. "A tea spoon every day. She should get better within about six weeks. Then you and Patty can spend more time together."

"Wow," say. "This'll cure my Mom's cancer?"

Seth still won't look at you when he nods yes. "I only hope it's not too late to keep you and Patty from breaking up."

Say, "Thanks Seth."

Seth will nod again. The sk8r boys will continue grinding away at the concrete. Mad will return to Seth's side with two bottles of Snapple. Say hi to Mad, then head over to your Mom's hospital. Remember, Seth is the sk8r boy who can help you.

Happy The Sk8r Boy Who Can Help You Day!