Thursday, March 10, 2005

Your Masseuse Is At The Door Day!

"I'm being chased," she'll say.

"Greta, meet my wife. Pauline, this is Greta, my masseuse."

Greta and Pauline will shake hands. Pauline will fix Greta a drink.

"I left my boyfriend last week," Greta will tell you. "He's a real sleezeball. He got some guys to follow me today. Lucky I remembered where you live. I don't have many clients in this neighborhood."

Pauline will tell Greta, "My husband just raves about you."

Over dinner, you will be excited to have Greta and Pauline at the same table, as you've spent many hours imagining having sex with the both of them at once.

"So Greta," Pauline will ask, "Do you ever get disgusted by the state of a client's skin?"

Greta will have to take a moment to chew all of the food she had shoveled into her mouth. "No," she'll say. "If it's really gross, with open sores or loose moles, I refuse to do the job because I could cause damage by doing a rubdown on skin like that. But really, it's just the job."

After dinner, Pauline will invite Greta to spend the night.

"Only if you let me give you a rub," Greta will say.

After her rubdown, Pauline will fix up Greta's bed for her, then she'll join you in bed.

"She's going to get back together with her ex-boyfriend," Pauline will say to you. "She told me as much during the rubdown."

"That thug?" you'll ask.

Pauline will say, "You know, that rubdown wasn't that good."

Demand that Pauline take back what she said about Greta's rubdown or else you'll leave her.

Happy Your Masseuse Is At The Door Day!