Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ask Your Boss For His Daughter's Hand In Marriage Day

Ask Your Boss For His Daughter's Hand In Marriage Day!

"Please," he'll say. "Not here in my office. You come up to the estate this weekend and we'll do this properly."

You'll thank him and shake his hand, then you'll get his signature on your timecard.

At the estate, you'll first have a drink in the great room with him and his wife and son and of course, his daughter Penelope.

"Good beer," you'll say to his wife.

His wife will respond, "Becks. Yes."

After that, the five of you will adjourn to the badminton court. His wife will sit out the game and have another Manhattan (her fourth). You and Penelope will play against your boss and his son. Your team will get creamed, but at one point when you and Penelope both go for the shuttlecock at the same time, you'll collide and fall to the ground together. You'll be giggling and tangled up in each other's arms. Then you'll stop and lock eyes. Before you know it, the two of you will be rolling around making out in the dirt. You'll have her shirt partway off when your boss starts shouting, "Hey you two are just gonna have to postpone your little kissyfest until me and my boy here send you two to the showers." At that, your boss and his son will exchange a high-five and you and Penelope will get up and finish the game.

Later at dinner, your boss will bring up the fact that you want to marry Penelope.

"That's great," Penelope will say.

You boss will say, "Well if she's cool with it I'm cool with it." He'll add to his wife, "He's one of our finest temps dear. She's in good hands."

After you marry his daughter, you'll be rich.

Happy Ask Your Boss For His Daughter's Hand In Marriage Day!