Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Towel Each Other Off Day

Towel Each Other Off Day!

You and your fellow college diving teammates don't quite have it together this season and it's because you all are still afraid to really care for each other. You all turn out for practice every morning. You all cheer each other on at the meets, and it can't be said that any one of you cares more about himself than about the team's success as a whole. But you all treat the diving team as if it's something outside of your lives. What happens inside the confines of that natatorium can't touch your real lives, the lives you lead in your dorm rooms and classrooms.

What you have to do to solidify your diving team is you have to open the doors to the natatorium so life can walk in and go for a swim with you boys. Your teammates share a goal with you, they stand side-by-side with you as you all push yourselves to the limits of your physical ability. Day after day you watch each other strive to create a momentary flash of grace. Acknowledge all that you share and the ragged incongruities that make you all beautiful to each other will show themselves in contrast.

And most importantly, you should all towel each other off after every practice, and during meets, after every dive. You all have nice, toned bodies and we want to see you towel each other's wet bodies dry. We want to imagine that back in the locker rooms you're peeling off your Speedos and gently padding each other's groins with the towels, so do that too and tell us about it. You want to win your division don't you? You want to make your fathers proud?

Happy Towel Each Other Off Day!