Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Washington Monument Day

The Washington Monument Day!

She said, "Meet me in a year at the Washington Monument." That's today.

It's raining and you'll sit under a black umbrella, looking at all the men around you sitting alone under their black umbrellas, wondering if they're waiting to reunite with a love or if they're just journalists meeting informants. Either way, you're probably on a watchlist by now. Anyone who lingers alone near a DC monument for more than an hour or two probably gets thrown on a watchlist automatically. Actually, you were probably already on a watchlist. We're all on watchlists I bet. They're just broken down according to what to watch for. Like I'm probably on a watchlist for "awesomeness conspiracies." And you're probably on a "acting like a total loser who shows up a year later to meet his ex-girlfriend where she told him to meet her and waits all day but she never shows up" watchlist.

She's in San Francisco. She's living with that guy still. She followed him out there actually. He treats her like crap. You were much better for her.

But anyway, wait all day then go home and be sad.

Happy The Washington Monument Day!