Wednesday, May 07, 2003

That Girl You Have A Crush On Is Out On The Ledge Day!

Not your ledge, silly. How on Earth would she climb all the way up there? And why would she? After all, she doesn't even know you're alive. No matter how many hours you spend lying in bed psychically calling to her. Regardless of all the awkward attempts you've made at starting a conversation with her, or all the sidelong glances you've sent her way from across a party, she still wouldn't know your name to call to you if you were about to step in front of a bus. So what would she be doing anywhere near your bedroom window?

No, no, no. She's out on her ledge, poking her adorable little nose out over the street, her boney little arms wrapped around her shivering torso. If you could see the way her tears make her cheeks shine under the moonlight I swear to God you might never go a moment without thinking about her face for the rest of your life.

She was out there on Monday night too, for only a half hour though. She didn't jump. Last night she thought she was really going to jump. But after a full two hours out there she finally crawled back through her window and into bed. She just got out there tonight. It's only been ten minutes. And she really can't imagine going back inside, at least not right now.

Just thought you might want to know. Since you were lying there with that goofy smile on your face, wondering "what that precious little thing is doing right now. No matter what it is, I'm sure I'd find it adorable." Well, she's staring down at a sidewalk wondering if she can push herself out far enough so as to not get impaled on the wrought-iron fence out front of the stairwell down to the garden apartments. That adorable enough for you, lover-boy? Why don't you pine away for someone in your own league?

Happy That Girl You Have A Crush On Is Out On The Ledge Day!