Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Rock n' Roll Day!

You could either let today slump its shoulders and slink anonymously into the faceless mass of 9 to 5 same-old same-old, or you can conduct yourself as a soldier of rock n' roll, behaving with the grace and fellow-feeling of one who has let rock n' roll into his heart, and bestowing upon your fellow brethren in rock the spirit and truth only to be found in rock n' roll.

Preachers preach, but a true rock n' roller rocks his world with every step he takes. Do not just make love to your girlfriend, rock her. Do not merely "paint" your house, rock that house (with paint). And should you have to drive a car across town to buy some seeds to plant in your garden, don't just get in your car and drive it across town (like a lesbian), don't just buy those seeds to plant in your garden (what are you, a lesbian?). What you need to do is rock yourself across that town using your car and the immortal light of rock. And when you get to that store, rock yourself through the door like the world is under fire and you plan to save it with rock weapons by going into a store and rocking out with the buying of some rock n' rolling seeds for planting in your garden fertilized with the plant food of blessed rock.

You can either choose Rock, or you can choose to let a little bit more of yourself wither and die.

Happy Rock n' Roll Day!