Sunday, May 25, 2003

Save Somebody's Life Day!

You can do this by shooting a bank robber in the face when he's distracted so he doesn't pull the trigger on the gun he's holding to a hostage's head, or you can just give a drug addict your love so that when the drug addict cleans up and lives a meaningful life he'll say to you, "By loving me you saved my life. Thanks yo." Other ways you can save somebody's life:

Give blood.

Cure Cancer.

Warn someone who's about to go to bed with a stranger: "That dude has AIDS."

When you see a baby in the middle of the street, hit the brakes.

Don't buy drugs. Weed funds terrorism.

If someone's about to step into an open manhole, sprint into the street and dive into his mid-section, tumbling him away from the manhole and out of the line of oncoming traffic. Or if his name's Dave, shout "Dave! Look out for the open manhole! There, in the ground!"

Successfully perform emergency surgery on somebody.

Happy Save Somebody's Life Day!