Thursday, May 22, 2003

Relish Is Boogie-Snot Day!

It is. Just look at it. It came from noses and it's made of boogies and the worst part is you don't even know whose boogies it's made of. You could be eating Al Qaeda boogie-snot or Gay Person boogie-snot for all you know. So for today, if you like to eat relish, you like to eat boogie-snot. And for today, if you ever ate relish in the past, you ate boogie-snot. And even if you don't like to eat relish, it's true, you don't like to eat boogie-snot, but if you ever bit into a hamburger and discovered there to be relish on it and you thought, "Oh no, there's relish on this burger. Oh well, I'll eat it anyway," what you actually thought was, "Oh no, there's boogie-snot on this burger. Oh well, I'll eat it anyway." You ate boogie-snot knowing full well you were eating boogie-snot and you didn't even care. That's what a big fat pig you are.

Happy Relish Is Boogie-Snot Day!