Monday, May 05, 2003

Seventeen Ambulances Day!

They're a street-gang whose hook is that they travel around in stolen ambulances. They've got seventeen of them and when they show up for a rumble or to loot an apartment house, you can hear them coming from thirty blocks away because they turn the sirens on telling everyone they pass, "Get ready to run and make sure you have your children in your arms because children tend to get underfoot when a gang of toughs rushes their building and starts grabbing DVD players."

The worst is when they come in the morning. They fill an entire street in that vehicle formation that looks like an upside down V or a stickfigure seagull swooping in to steal the bread from your hands. Ambulance sirens in the early morning. Ain't right.

Anyway, they know you're back in town. And they know what building you're staying in and they're said to be coming to see what brought you back. They've grown a lot stronger since you left, so I know you have no intention of backing down, but just know that it won't be the same fight you might have had five years ago. They even have a gang name now. They call themselves "The Bad Guys." They like turning on their sirens and knowing everyone's saying "Here come The Bad Guys."

Be careful. What do you have planned anyway?

Happy Seventeen Ambulances Day!