Tuesday, May 06, 2003

In The Weatherman's Pants Day!

Ever think if you watch one more boring weather forecast you might just chase your family down with a shotgun? Well why not add a little bit of your own light to your life. Next time you watch the weatherman talking about "a warm front coming up" and "gonna see some haze today," just imagine the words "in my pants!" tacked on to every line he says.

"We can expect a little drizzle this afternoon...in my pants!"

"Gonna be a hot one today...in my pants!"

"If you have allergies, today's going to be a bad day for you because the pollen is well above moderate though we're not quite at high just yet...in my pants!"

I'm giggling already, though I'm still crying. I don't have to stop crying to laugh. I just laugh for a second, then remind myself why I should keep crying. I can laugh through the tears. Jealous?

Happy In The Weatherman's Pants Day!