Friday, April 18, 2003

You're So Emaciated Day!

You're so emaciated, everyone's afraid you're trying to kill yourself. You're so emaciated, your father has been calling up your friends and telling them to keep an eye on you and offer an unsolicited hand to you from time to time. You're so emaciated, you're about to be skipped over for a promotion because people at work feel like the pallor of your skin will frighten clients, though no one has spoken a single word about it. You were just removed from the short-list without any discussion as to why. You're so emaciated, I'm afraid to shake your hand. You're so emaciated, if you were in bed underneath a blanket I'd probably look at the bed and say, "There is no one in that bed." You're so emaciated, you probably think today is about you (it is).

Because today's You're So Emaciated Day!