Monday, April 07, 2003

Meteorite? MeteorWRONG! Day!

Do you live in a place whose only claim to fame is that over a half a century ago a meteorite once landed within the town limits? Does your local government devote the majority of its tax revenue to luring tourists to your town to photograph the meteorite crater? Does that piss you off?

Then tear some shit up, yo.

Take to the streets chanting "Mee-tee-or-Rite?! Mee-Tee-Or-WRONG!" and put that on some signs too, except on the signs don't spell it out quite so phonetically. March until the government takes some of the money it spends promoting tourism and diverts it to a much needed-needle exchange program, or schools. If you feel like you're not getting your point across, smash some shop windows and grab a few TVs. Heroin addicts are catching AIDS and Hep C just so the Potter family can take a picture of a hole in the ground as a pit stop on their way to Yellowstone. Also, schools are underfunded. It'll be a great day when our needle exchange programs have all the money they need and the metorite tourism industry has to hold a bake sale to get people to come look at a meteorite. It'd be cool if schools got some money too, but not all of it.

Happy Meteorite? MeteorWRONG! Day!