Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Doctors And Nurses Day!

Doctors and nurses have so much intercourse it's a wonder that any of us ever get better. There's three kinds of intercourse doctors have with nurses. First, there's the happy fun intercourse that the handsomest doctor has with every nurse who ever crosses his path. It's happy fun because all the nurses know he's no good for anything more than intercourse, and he knows it too. That makes it really consensual, and then the nurses go back to their husbands or fall in love after having another kind of intercourse with another kind of doctor. That's love intercourse, the second kind of intercourse. This takes place between a nurse who isn't a jerk, and a doctor who's real serious about wanting to help people and who has a little cousin with MS. This guy is so determined to make a difference that a nurse who has intercourse with him feels like she's on the side of the hero in the story. AND he's so troubled with worry over his little cousin with MS that she also gets to feel like she's giving him the care she took an oath to give (albeit through very unorthodox means, har har, and har!). The nurse who has intercourse with him falls in love with him because any nurse who doesn't is an idiot. The third and final kind of doctor-nurse intercourse is bad and negligent intercourse. This takes place between a doctor who accidentally killed a patient because he didn't read his chart, and a nurse who knows it and is torn as to whether she should turn the doctor in or whether she should just keep having really angry scared intercourse with him. Bad and negligent intercourse eventually comes to an end when the doctor gets real drunk and drives through a guardrail on a rainy night and dies.

Happy Doctors And Nurses Day!