Thursday, April 17, 2003

It's Sort Of A Vicious Circle Day!

You're worried that you should not have kept your baby because you don't feel much more than burdened when you hold her in your arms.

You're worried that your baby can sense how you feel and will carry that into her adulthood.

So you worry that the natural mother's love won't kick in soon enough to avoid any irreparable psychological damage to your baby.

And you worry that worrying so much about when and if you'll ever love your baby will make it harder for that love to blossom, or maybe you'll be so busy worrying that you won't even acknowledge the love when it's hit.

It all seems so doomed and dooming that maybe you should not have kept your baby in the first place.

Kind of like when you can't fall asleep but you know you have to be up for work in 4 and a half hours, isn't it? But when you don't sleep, the only person you're hurting is yourself. In this case, you're ruining your daughter's life.

Happy It's Sort Of A Vicious Circle Day! And actually, I guess if you don't get enough sleep you could say that your co-workers suffer as well because they're counting on you and you're not at the top of your game.