Thursday, April 10, 2003

Volcano Of Love Day!

The Volcano of Love is about to erupt. When it does, love-lava will come bursting from its mouth and seeping down into its valleys. Thousands will die. Thousands more will be left homeless, in possession only of that which they were able to carry when they ran for the flatlands. But you will live.* Because the Volcano of Love exists only to bubble its love-lava all over your face until the love-lava is dripping from your chin and cascading in sheets down your pretty chest, belly and testicles. The Volcano of Love was created only to cover you in love-lava, and you were created for the sole purpose of taking in as much love-lava as you can handle without feeling discomfort. You may fear the love-lava, but once you taste it on your tongue, feel it on your skin, you'll understand. The Volcano of Love is about to erupt. Are you ready baby?

Happy Volcano Of Love Day!

*The reason you will live is because it makes sense that if you were created solely to be covered and flooded with love-lava, why would it hurt you? Right?