Saturday, March 15, 2003

Wait Until 6:30ish Day!

He's in town. At least two bartenders are certain of that. And one slut who couldn't resist braying about how he came to see her before you even heard he was back. He's in town, and if he comes to see you, he'll come today.

The light's all wrong, though. You can't leave your room because everywhere you look you see him there. Sitting in the empty desk chair, Indian style with his back against the wall on the empty bed, standing in the middle of the floor struggling to give you an apologetic look in the eye. Always in the space where you aren't, just far enough away for him to answer some questions before you put him in your arms.

Trouble is, you can't imagine him there before nightfall. The sun is furious today and the light in your room looks like it would suffocate a conversation worse than the noisiest restaurant ever could. No one can weigh the phrasing of answers with a clear head when there are frisbees to be thrown.

You see him at twilight, 6:30ish, after the sun is tight under a blanket and anyone asked would agree, "Yes, nighttime is going to take place again. We weren't certain until just a moment ago." In the hour when you can still feel bad about being inside a bar already, when many people have yet to even make dinner plans. When the light is quiet, when no one's getting anything done, when all at once a head can reminisce about four hours ago and anticipate the 8 hours to come. When a girl can ask a question like "Why'd you go away" without being disturbed by the shouts of all the happy babies on the sidewalk.

6:30ish can last a while, but it's tricky. 6:30ish would be the hour he'd worry whether to ring you up or not. But 6:30ish doesn't have any kind of stopwatch to it. It ends, again, when everyone can agree, "Nighttime has begun. We told you so." And he can worry himself too late without realizing it. Who'd show up out of nowhere at 8:45 PM? Who'd run the risk of interrupting an application of lipstick?

If you don't hear from him tonight, all it means is the next time he's back in town, you get to ask him, "Why didn't you come see me the last time you were in town?" But don't worry about the next time until after around 6:30ish, dig?

Happy Wait Until 6:30ish Day!