Monday, March 24, 2003

Action You Day!

There isn't a huge difference between you and Action You. Whether you're Action You or just plain old you, you'll still pretty much get the same things done. Except when Action You does stuff, Action You makes a quiet "Ssssshhhhhk!" sound effect with your mouth. So while you might be pulling down a window screen from the upper half of the window frame to let a little air in the house, Action You would do the very same thing, but as the screen slid down into position, Action You would go "Ssssshhhhhk!"

And Action You doesn't even have to be doing anything for which the sound effect might be appropriate. For example, you might go home after work today and spend the evening sprawled on your couch half-watching war coverage while reading liner notes from the inserts of some new CDs you've just bought. Well, Action You will do the very same thing, but at some point, while you're sprawled there doing barely nothing for hours, Action You will at least once just let out a soft little "Ssssshhhhhk!" Or let's say tonight you're going to tell your wife about an affair you had many years ago that appears to be coming back to haunt you. You plan to say, "When you were packing up your father's house after he died, that August in 1998. I met a woman. It was stupid and it was brief but she's threatening me with a groundless paternity suit. I'm so so sorry." Action You will say those same exact words, with the same heart-wrenching sincerity, and your wife might not even notice when Action You says, "...threatening me with a groundless paternity suit. I'm so so sorry. Ssssshhhhhk!"

So yeah, Action You is pretty much just you going "Ssssshhhhhk!" It's better than living one long horrible sigh, isn't it?