Friday, March 07, 2003

The Ghosts Day!

The ghosts that haunt your apartment are really getting interested in you. For the first four months, they didn't really give a shit about you. They just wanted to walk down the hallway in terrible white dresses every night at 2:24 am. They'd stop at the end of the hall and stare at the wall that used to be a doorway to what used to be a living room (split off to make a neighboring studio apartment), then run back to the other end of the hallway shrieking (to you, the shriek sounds like the brief chime of a dinner bell, because you are alive).

But then they invited another ghost over who who used to haunt you back when you were living with your ex. Apparently, your ex was cheating on you. This ghost knows because your ex would bring his mistress to your bed while you were teaching every day. The ghost, who we'll call Captain Low, watched them screw.

Captain Low was there the day your ex ran off with 600 dollars from your bank account. What went down isn't exactly what you think. The woman your ex was screwing, according to Captain Low, showed up at your door with a bloody eye. She had taken a home pregnancy test that day and when it came up positive, she fainted and slammed her eye socket into the side of the sink. When she came to, she ran over to your place to tell your ex (who had ended the affair a week previous) about the little one. Your ex said he'd pay for the abortion if she promised to get one. The woman agreed. Your ex of course had no money of his own, so he had to steal it from you. Then, after he'd paid the woman off, he decided her promise to abort wasn't enough for him. He was so afraid of that baby that he split town on the off chance that she'd decide to keep it and come looking for him. And he had already decided he would be leaving you soon, so he just took off and wrote that letter about having fallen in love with someone else. He didn't leave you for anybody. He just ran. According to what Captain Low saw, that is.

But none of that is why your current ghosts are paying so much attention to you. Just thought you should know what went down. The thing with your ghosts is Captain Low told them that one night he was watching you sleep and you started speaking to someone in a dream. You apparently said something that Captain Low once said to his mother. "Mommy, you were Daddy's favorite woman." Captain Low said this to his mother on a Christmas morning when he was nine years old, three years after his father had died. It was repeated by his mother well into Captain Low's adulthood, whenever his mother would talk about what a loving son he was.

You can apparently channel episodes from the corporeal life of ghosts into your dreams. This is a very big deal, because ghosts don't have the ability to dredge up memories of their lives on Earth. You are their memory. So from now on, every time you fall asleep, the ghosts haunting your apartment drop whatever they're doing to hover over you waiting for you to talk in your sleep and provide them with a past.

Happy The Ghosts Day.