Sunday, March 16, 2003

Reeses Is Dead Day!

You remember Reeses? He's the black lab that dug up a little boy's disembodied hand from underneath a little league field in Orange, New Jersey last summer. That hand was found to belong to little Joshua Feingold, and its discovery turned his missing person case into an unsolved child murder. A clump of hand soap in between the boy's fingers led police to the home of Carmen Roderick, a widow who ran a Sunday School out of her home. Police found Joshua's shirt and underpants in her basement, and arrested Roderick. Joshua had been enrolled in her Sunday School and Roderick had been questioned by police but she was never considered a suspect. Now in prison serving two twenty-five year terms, she still claims to be innocent. She had a thirty one year old stepson living with her for some time that police have yet to locate for questioning. Many believe it was her stepson that killed the boy, and that Ms. Roderick only helped to hide the crime.

And it all started with Reeses' fine-tuned hunter's snout. Today he passed away. He was shot twice in the neck and once in the rump with an assault rifle. The shooter turned himself in just before sundown today. His name is Martin Taggart. Taggart was a neighbor of Reeses' and after the dog dug up that boy's hand, Taggart would watch Reeses pass his home every day on his walk. Taggart became a bit obsessed with the celebrity canine. One afternoon, he decided he would kill Reeses. He went to a sporting goods store and bought an assault rifle. He just wanted to be the guy that killed that dog that solved that child murder.

Happy Reeses Is Dead Day!