Saturday, March 29, 2003

Fag Juice Day!

"Just a gallon in the fridge for a lifetime of anger!" God I loved that old commercial. TV was weird when we were kids. But you know what's awesome is there are still some stores and some online outlets that sell pint cans of Fag Juice. The BYOB party you're going to tonight is going to love it when you walk in the door and scream out "I brought the Fag Juice. Did anyone remember to buy the cumin?!" It'll be a real ice breaker because I personally can't remember one birthday party when I was a kid that wasn't just dripping with cups of Fag Juice and cumin punch.

Though Fag Juice was proven to cause cancer in women of any ethnicity over the age of 2, it's still really cool that we used to drink it when we were kids. Remember what we used to wear back then?!

Happy Fag Juice Day!