Saturday, March 18, 2006

Your Old Skeletor Doll Day!

Your daughter loves to hold little tea parties with her dolls. She loves it almost as much as you love watching her sit with her dolls at the table, changing the tone of her voice as she changes roles, speaking the parts for each of her dolls as the tea party conversation unfolds.

Today you'll hear her up in her room making those cute little voices. High-pitched, then deep and growly, then prim and proper. You'll run upstairs and peek into her door and you'll see that she's got three of her dolls sitting at her little tea table, and the fourth seat will be occupied by your old Skeletor doll that she must have found in one of the boxes in the basement.

Scream at your daughter, "Juuuuuu-lieeeeee whaaaat haaaaave yoooooou doooooone?!!!"

Dive for the table to wrestle Skeletor to the ground. Your daughter will scream and run underneath her bed. As you fly through the air, Skeletor's eyes will light up and flash at your daughter's dolls, turning them to piles of melted plastic. You'll grab for the Skeletor doll, but you'll only grip his empty chair. Skeletor will be gone, set free from his basement grave. He will have embarked on his journey to the hills, laying waste to all who stand in the way of his reclamation of the Power of Grayskull.

"Daddy?" your daughter will whimper from under the bed. "What's happening?"

"I have to go away for a little while baby," tell her. "I have to go get my doll back."

"When will you come home?" she'll ask.

Say, "I don't know baby. I don't know."

Happy Your Old Skeletor Doll Day!